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The sustainable seafood movement is always evolving, which is why Jenny Slafkosky, Bon Appétit’s communications director, joined Maisie Ganzler, chief strategy and brand officer, in San Juan, Puerto Rico at the end of October for the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions (CASS) annual conference.  

For Native American Heritage Month, Bon Appétit is partnering with Golden Eagle Farm, owned and operated by the Mesa Grande Band of Mission Indians. Golden Eagle is an ambitious endeavor balancing traditional Indigenous farming methods and new revenue generators such as agri-tourism.

This National Seafood Month at Bon Appétit, we are focusing on “Women in Seafood” by diving deep into the multifaceted roles of women in the seafood sector, examining the challenges they face, and surfacing the work of women who bring seafood to tables across the world. 

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This Fair Trade Month, we’re highlighting the meaning of Fair Trade Certified while celebrating our partner Numi Tea.  

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During this year’s celebration of Fair Trade Month, we’re teaming up with Executive Chef Chris Lenza of Bon Appétit Management Company’s Wellness Team. Chris has concocted a set of creative recipes that feature Numi Tea, Bon Appétit’s exclusive provider of Fair Trade teas.

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Vassar College leases 12 acres of former college farmland to a pioneering food nonprofit called the Poughkeepsie Farm Project, a community farm with a commitment to education and food justice