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The Bon Appétit team at Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL Dining) has developed an innovative partnership with Propel Kitchens, a nonprofit with a mission to utilize nutrition, food industry training and education initiatives as tools to equip and enable St. Louis residents and communities to combat persistent economic and health inequities. Learn how this growing collaboration between WUSTL Dining and Propel Kitchens is providing opportunities for St. Louis residents while bringing healthy scratch-cooked food to students.

When Shannon Tivona was an environmental studies student at Eckerd College, she had no idea that her collaborations with the on-site Bon Appétit team would lead her to a fellowship with the company and then a role as a junior product manager working on sustainability-focused technology. Nor did she anticipate that research she conducted as an undergraduate, which was published this year in collaboration with a former professor, would prove to be so connected with her work today.

In February, the New York Times broke the news that Bon Appétit’s Chief Strategy and Brand Officer, Maisie Ganzler, had been nominated to the board at McDonald’s by financier Carl Icahn, who holds shares in the fast-food brand. Icahn has been pushing McDonald’s to stick to its 2012 commitment to transition its pork supply away from inhumane gestation crates. Ganzler, who successfully led the transition of Bon Appétit’s pork supply away from gestation crates (a nationwide rollout of the product is occurring right now), was chosen by Icahn for her deep direct experience in working with suppliers to make this change. In this Q&A, Maisie talks about the journey from asking lots of questions about the welfare of pigs to receiving a highly publicized board nomination for a fast-food giant.

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As an immigrant from Vietnam who arrived in the United States after the fall of Saigon in 1975, Andrea made it her mission to change attitudes about “exotic” Asian cuisine, working hard to make her community a part of the food conversation. Andrea has been extraordinarily successful, publishing numerous celebrated cookbooks, and being featured in The New York Times, Milk Street Radio, and even the History Channel.  This AAPI month, Bon Appétit is excited to be serving recipes from Andrea in our cafés and we encourage you to explore them below. 

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Many of us have had the experience of questioning how our food choices impact the climate and the environment. To prevent a kitchen calamity or existential crisis at Whole Foods or Wegmans, we’ve put together these handy-dandy tips that make low-carbon eating simple, easy, and (dare we say) fun.

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With a little help from our Plant-Forward Culinary Collaborative, a working group of Bon Appetit chefs who have helped to define the future of plant-forward in our cafés and spread best practices companywide, we’re here to provide some low-carbon, plant-forward culinary tips that dispel these misconceptions.