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Bon Appétit teams have long sought to support our college campuses in their efforts to address student food insecurity in inventive ways. From food pantries and swipe donation programs to food co-ops and food recovery, there are many encouraging examples of how our teams are working with their campus communities to confront a complex and pervasive, yet often invisible hardship. 

Bon Appétit pulled out all the stops to commemorate a client’s three incredible decades in Carmel, Indiana. A jubilant celebration marked the 30th anniversary of this financial services firm’s presence in this vibrant community just outside of Indianapolis. Bon Appétit was honored to be a part of the festivities, having served this client for 26 of those 30 remarkable years.  

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As Bon Appétit Fellows, part of our job is to travel to the different campuses we serve and collaborate with our culinary teams, along with university staff and student clubs, to engage students and inspire the next generation of sustainable food lovers and advocates. It’s always fun to get hands-on, of course, which is why we designed our quick pickling demo.

We believe that it takes more than one person or one siloed team in a company to truly make sustainability a core operating principle. From our wellness and purchasing teams to our managers and cooks in the field, we strive for sustainability to be second nature across every level of our company.  

Every year at the holidays Bon Appétit Management Company presents our clients with a gift we’ve made on their behalf to an organization whose work aligns with our social and/or environmental values. We support fair treatment for all workers, so in 2023, we donated to the Labour Protection Network (LPN), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and protecting the rights of workers in various industries, including the fishing industry.

This Black History Month, we’re excited to give you a taste of what’s cooking in our kitchens at Bon Appétit Management Company. To celebrate our Black culinarians, we released our Amplify Black Culinarians digital cookbook, a tribute to the diverse culinary heritage of our Black chefs, cooks, and culinary experts. In this post, we’re sharing a roundup of some of the recipes from the book!

Lunar New Year is a vibrant festival celebrating the coming of spring and the beginning of the lunisolar calendar that is observed in many Asian cultures and communities around the world. Symbolizing the passage from winter into spring, the holiday is rooted in traditions that purge the old to make way for the new prosperous year ahead. 

The Lunar New Year festive season is not only about vibrant lanterns and parades, but it is also a time to enjoy a feast of carefully chosen foods that promise good fortune for the coming year. Below we dive into the symbolism behind ten of Lunar New Year’s luckiest foods, each carrying hope to deliciously usher in the blessings of the new year. 

Lunar New Year, a major holiday in China, South Korea, Vietnam, and other countries across the world, is an annual 15-day festival celebrating the arrival of spring and the beginning of the lunisolar calendar. Also referred to as Chinese New Year, Spring Festival, and other country-specific titles, at Bon Appétit we recognize the festival is honored by various cultures — each with their own rituals, foods, histories, and nuances — and use the term Lunar New Year to be inclusive of all who observe this rich holiday.