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Tofu is an ingredient worth celebrating. It is endlessly versatile, rich in history and tradition, and is an important ingredient across many Asian cuisines. This Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, Bon Appétit Management Company is excited to shine a light on the ancient origins of tofu and its modern evolution as a rising staple across the US and in our cafés.   First, a history lesson: tofu first originated in China over 2000 years ago during the Western Han Dynasty. While its origin story is debated, some say that a Chinese royal named Liu An first created tofu while he was experimenting with soy milk and accidentally caused the mixture to curdle. Today, the art of tofu-making has built upon this initial discovery: dried whole soybeans are soaked, then ground up and cooked. The solid pulp (okara) is […]

We’ve all experienced it – you reach into the back of your refrigerator and realize a sad, forgotten food has now become a moldy (and occasionally scary) science experiment. You’re not alone – up to 40% of the food that is produced is wasted and each American wastes as much as 238 pounds of food each year (equal to about $1800). Thankfully, there are many ways to reduce waste in your kitchen. Try out these tips for shopping and preparing food mindfully to help you to stop wasting food…and money. 

Every recipe contains a story, held together by long-held cultural traditions, inspiration sparked by a new idea or ingredient, and countless memories of meals shared together with loved ones. This AAPI Heritage Month, we are excited to share Tofu Tales: A Collection of Recipes from Bon Appétit Chefs for AAPI Heritage Month.   

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Generally, producing animal-based foods like beef, lamb, and dairy products creates more carbon emissions than plant-based foods like beans, legumes, and whole grains – and is why shifting to a diet centered on plants is one of the most impactful ways to combat climate change.  

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From growing to processing, transporting to storage, and managing excess food waste, each step in the food chain produces carbon emissions.   

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This Earth Day, we are flipping the switch to plants to lower our individual and collective carbon footprint! We are challenging our guests to use this Earth Day as an opportunity to consider climate-friendly alternatives throughout our cafés.

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Penn chefs took street food to the next level over the course of the first annual Wellness Cup, creating flavorful yet approachable dishes such as jackfruit empanadas, hearts of palm lobster rolls, a build-your-own falafel bar, vegan bang-bang cauliflower steak, and cornbread pancakes with seitan chili, spicy maple syrup, and “sour cream” derived from a sunflower seed base. But the winning dish was…

We believe that it takes more than one person or one siloed team in a company to truly make sustainability a core operating principle. From our wellness and purchasing teams to our managers and cooks in the field, we strive for sustainability to be second nature across every level of our company.