An Update from Our Holiday Grantees, the Labour Protection Network

Every year at the holidays Bon Appétit Management Company presents our clients with a gift we’ve made on their behalf to an organization whose work aligns with our social and/or environmental values. We support fair treatment for all workers, so in 2023, we donated to the Labour Protection Network (LPN), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and protecting the rights of workers in various industries, including the fishing industry. (LPN’s documentary, Ghost Fleet, focuses on their work to help free enslaved fishermen and shine a light on injustice in the global seafood industry – it’s worth a watch.) 

In January, we heard back from LPN’s founder Patima Tungpuchayakul with an update on how some of our funds were used. It was heartening to hear that LPN was able to cover medical expenses for one of the fishermen staying at their shelter, organize a New Year’s party (below), and get an agricultural project (above) started at the shelter, as well. 

We were glad to hear of such tangible outcomes resulting from our gift. It served to remind us of the people whose work powers our global food system and galvanize our efforts to support their human rights. Thank you for sharing, Patima!