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We believe that it takes more than one person or one siloed team in a company to truly make sustainability a core operating principle. From our wellness and purchasing teams to our managers and cooks in the field, we strive for sustainability to be second nature across every level of our company.  

This Black History Month, we’re excited to give you a taste of what’s cooking in our kitchens at Bon Appétit Management Company. To celebrate our Black culinarians, we released our Amplify Black Culinarians digital cookbook, a tribute to the diverse culinary heritage of our Black chefs, cooks, and culinary experts. In this post, we’re sharing a roundup of some of the recipes from the book!

As winter’s chill settles in, cooks often turn to storage crops, including a vibrant array of hardy winter squash, each with its own special flavor profile and gastronomic potential. From the robust and well-known butternut to the delicately sweet acorn, ornamental turban squash, and velvety texture and nutty flavor of Koginut, these nutrient-rich and flavor-packed vegetables define the essence of the season.

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After being under construction for the fall semester, the café that formerly occupied Butler’s Residential College (ResCo) is back with a new look and feel, many new amenities and plenty of old favorites, and a new name – Midtown Provisions.  

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We’re so proud of our colleague Katy Maher, MPH, RDN, LDN, for being recognized by our parent company, Compass Group, as one of their first Planet Promise Changemakers. Katy has been instrumental in furthering sustainability initiatives for Bon Appétit Management Company’s operations at Butler University in Indianapolis, IN, from the dining hall to the campus farm and beyond.

Mushrooms are having a moment. With a rise in mushroom-themed art, beauty, fashion, film, and culinary and wellness explorations, mushrooms’ popularity has risen exponentially in recent years. The collective fondness for ‘shrooms includes many of those on the college campuses we serve.

Tucked away on the edge of campus, over a bridge and beside the athletic fields, lies The Farm at Butler, a gem within Butler University in Indianapolis, IN.  Just shy of one acre, this agricultural oasis is a clear example of how urban farming can transform previously dormant land into a thriving ecosystem and classroom.  

We always love to see what our talented culinary teams are turning out year-round, but there’s something especially delightful about seeing our chefs infuse winter holiday classics with their own twists.

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Dear Bon Appétit  community, 

As we close 2023, I want to share a note of gratitude to the many people who have contributed to Bon Appétit Management Company’s success this year. Our clients and employees, our suppliers, guests, and partners — all have contributed ideas, shared feedback, and inspired collaborations that have made 2023 so exciting and energizing.