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Bon Appétit Management Company Chief Executive Officer and cofounder, Fedele Bauccio, has been honored with the title of “Ufficiale dell’Ordine della Stella d’Italia” (Officer of the Order of the Star of Italy). The designation is conferred by the President of Italy and Minister of Foreign Affairs to individuals who have greatly contributed to the promotion of friendly relationships and cooperation between Italy and other countries.

Horse Listeners Orchard has been a long-time Farm to Fork partner of Bon Appétit-served colleges and universities in the northeast region from Connecticut to Massachusetts. Beyond cultivating 23 varieties of apples, and vegetables too, they partner with neighboring growers to aggregate produce — enabling them to source a yearlong supply of crushed tomatoes for our chefs — and deliver it all themselves.

Cucumber vines climbed 10 feet high to the top of the hoop house, leafy ginger plants intermingled with milkweed, calendula, and kale, and sunflowers towered over Fellow Elise Kulers during her visit to the Knox College Farm in Galesburg, Illinois.