Twitter Team Brings the Produce to the People

The Bon Appétit @ Twitter team (aka @bonappetweet) with their first veggie box delivery

When the San Francisco Bay Area went into COVID-19 shutdown, shuttering most Bon Appétit corporate cafés, it dramatically impacted dozens of small farmers as well. Bon Appétit spends millions of dollars on local produce from its Bay Area Farm to Fork vendors annually. Bryce Yee, a Bon Appétit senior executive chef at Twitter, wanted to help.

Beautiful vegetables

One of the boxes of Bay Area produce

He connected with Lou Fierro from Halls Organics, who he knew could pull together produce from multiple local farms, including Coke Farms, Suprema Farms, Global Farms, and Halls Farms. They created a special produce box that Tweeps could order. The fresh fruit, greens, herbs, and vegetables get picked over the weekend and brought to San Francisco, and the Bon Appétit team delivers them to people’s homes by Tuesday.

The box program has had three successful runs, delivering 65 boxes total. “This lets people stay at home and support local small business without needing to go to high-populated grocery stores,” said Bryce. “Everyone is thrilled with how fresh and delicious the food is.”

That’s not all the Bon Appétit team at Twitter is doing. On May 13, as part of the company’s ongoing #TwitterForGood initiative, they made, packed, and delivered more than 600 lunches to Bay Area people in need!