A New Weapon in the Fight Against Wasted Food: ‘A Guide to Food Recovery for Chefs and Managers’

frn_foodrcovery_guideToday the Food Recovery Network, a student run organization dedicated to recovering leftover food from college campuses to give to those in need, will be rolling out the newest resource for their organizing toolkit: A Guide to Food Recovery for Chefs and Managers (PDF).

Bon Appétit Management Company  is proud to have partnered with FRN to create this resource, which is specifically designed to help campus dining services at schools around the country — not just Bon Appétit ones — work with students to launch food recovery programs.

We had the opportunity to take our own experiences launching food recovery programs at places like University of Portland and Mount Saint Mary’s College to help develop this guide and share advice for other food service providers interested in donating leftover food. We hope with resources like this, more restaurants and cafés will have the tools they need to start donating. Whittier College was Bon Appétit’s first school with a Food Recovery Network Chapter, and since their formation last year, they have donated 1,361 pounds of food — which is almost 1,000 meals for people in need!

We look forward to more schools joining us in the fight against waste and hunger.