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In the early fall, grapes are a perfect seasonal pairing to a subtly spicy and delicious curried chicken salad with an almond crunch. Apples or pears can be substituted for grapes, depending on geographic location and season. Serves 4.

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After hosting 13 middle school girls from a Girls, Inc. summer program, Bon Appétit Pastry Chef Lasheeda Perry created a special Napoleon pastry that brought Girls, Inc. $10,000 at its first annual fundraiser dinner, Taste!

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The USDA’s MyPlate food guidance system can indeed help you avoid gaining the unwanted pounds that result from too many food choices plus too much time in front of your computer.

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Brian Trykar, the executive chef at a corporate Bon Appétit café in Rancho Cordova, is a big fan of the actor Bill Murray. So much so that when a Bill Murray-themed art show was announced in San Francisco, he jumped on the opportunity to get involved in the best way he knew how — by cooking.

[Read original post.] Answers Exploding Varmint: Jerked Beef topped with popping candy | Caddyshack Salad of Broken Flowers: Edible Flowers, micro greens, Point Reyes bleu cheese with sweet but sour vinaigrette | Broken Flowers Dynamite Jaguar Shark: Beet- and Citrus-Cured Passmore Ranch Catfish Sashimi, “blown up” with dynamite sauce | The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou Punxsutawney Phil and Bill: Surf and Turf bacon and ahi tartar | Groundhog Day Baby Ruth and Stay Puft Brûlée: Baby Ruth, fleur de sel and Stay Puft marshmallow brûlée | Caddyshack (Baby Ruth + salt) and Ghostbusters (Stay Puft Marshmallow)