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Read what the science says about monk fruit sugar, the newest zero-calorie sweetener getting buzz.

Have you met muesli? It’s similar to granola but rather than mixing in oil and honey prior to baking, you toast the grains plain and add your own honey upon serving (yes, you control the sugar!).

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When Bon Appétit launched Healthy Kids in the Bon Appétit Kitchen last fall, we knew the kids were going to have fun, but we could never have imagined how much joy, laughter, and smiles it would bring into our lives and to Bon Appétit teams across the country.

Following a test run at Public House, we’ve rolled out the Impossible Burger at a corporate café in South San Francisco with another on the way — officially becoming the first food service company in the country to offer this much-buzzed-about bleeding, plant-based burger!

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Forget what you know about soup. This watermelon gazpacho is a little sweet, a little savory, served cold — and is extremely refreshing. The watermelon makes it perfect for keeping hydrated on a hot summer day.