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This unique combination makes for a moist, dense, and chocolatey dessert that’s also a good source of protein, fiber, and micronutrients. Makes enough bite-sized samples for about 15-20 people.

The genesis story of Bon Appétit supplier Peace Coffee is an impeccable example of how important and rewarding it can be to follow a product all the way back to its beginnings.

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Find out what it’s like to join the Willamette University Food Recovery Network chapter on one of their nightly recoveries donating surplus food from the Goudy Dining Hall to Salem community organizations.

I am never going to be a global expert on the food system, but I do love globe-trotting and talking to local people about food. In recent years, I’ve been lucky enough to travel from South America to Southeast Asia, and like many of you would, I have sought out indigenous food experiences. Here’s some of what I’ve heard in my travels. I offer these tidbits as a look through the local peoples’ perspective, not as scientific facts. Some of what they shared may not actually be true, but the fact that they think it is can be interesting all by itself. Chicken about chicken As I snacked on buffalo curd with treacle (tasted like yogurt with honey) in Sri Lanka, my driver volunteered that they don’t serve chicken to their kids, especially young girls, because of “all the chemicals […]

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Do I need to eat during long exercise? If so, at what point — and should it be those specially engineered sports products?