Supporting Black-Owned Food Businesses for Black History Month

Black History Month hand holding Support Black Owned Business cards

This year, Bon Appétit teams around the country will celebrate Black History Month by highlighting the local Black-owned food businesses around them and encourage guests to support them. Inspired by the success of our These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things holiday gift guide, which collected dozens of our Farm to Fork and Locally Crafted businesses willing to ship their wares, we’ve created a brief national guide as a starting point (see below) and given our teams instructions and a template for building their own local guide to share with guests throughout the month of February.

All local restaurants and small food retailers have been hit hard by the pandemic, but Black owners — largely shut out of federal PPP loans — have struggled the hardest. By reaching out to local Black-owned farms, bakeries, jam makers, confectioners, etc., to purchase ingredients, materials, meals, and more,  and encouraging our guests to do the same, Bon Appétit hopes to help ensure that these important members of our regional foodwebs can continue to keep their doors open.