U.S. Students Say Wheaton Has Best College Food in America, Reports Princeton Review

Wheaton students holding trays

Wheaton students show off their award-winning daily fare. Photo: Carlos Vergara Photography

Professor-student ratios. Numbers of Nobel Prize winners. Percentage of graduates who get jobs in their fields. These are all criteria that prospective college students care about. But in addition to stuffing their heads with knowledge, they want to eat well during their four (or more) expensive years on campus. And that’s why Bon Appétit Management Company is very proud to report that our dining services at Wheaton College in Wheaton, IL, have been named Best College Food by the 122,000 students polled for the highly influential Princeton Review list of The Best 376 Colleges.

Highlights of our program at Wheaton include:

• Bon Appétit chefs purchase from more than 30 local family farms through the company’s Farm to Fork program.
• Bon Appétit chefs cook entirely from scratch, never relying on premade or processed foods. For example, each week the kitchen at Wheaton produces 120 gallons of fat-free plain and assorted flavored yogurts and 10 to 15 gallons of sour cream using milk from nearby Kilgus Farmstead.
• Burgers are made by hand from local beef and turkey.
• Mozzarella cheese for pizzas is hand-grated and sourced locally, and the pizza dough is made from scratch on the premises.
• Wheaton’s salad bar is loaded with local lettuces, a range of whole grains such as quinoa, teff, and spelt, as well as dozens of different varieties of rice and legumes.

Kudos to the Wheaton team!