JuJo Acres: The Friendliest Cows Around

When Jonas Stoltzfus of JuJo Acres in Loysville, PA, walked straight up to his non-castrated breeding bull and gave it a nice pat on the back, I knew I wasn’t on an ordinary farm.

Jonas Stoltzfus and his bull

Typically bulls are much too aggressive for such displays of affection—and most people would never dream of trying to pet a non-castrated bull—but, a combination of good breeding and excellent living conditions have made the entire JuJo Acres’ heard remarkably calm and friendly.

As an Animal Welfare Approved farm, JuJo Acres provides their cows with year-round access to pasture—and the cows do in fact spend most of their time on pasture. They also provide clean bedding, don’t use antibiotics, and have a strong health management system. (To learn more about AWA standards, visit their website). The result? Bulls that don’t run you over if you get too close, and cows that force YOU to leave the pasture if you don’t want to spend all day being nuzzled by a creature three times your size!

(Left to Right): Jonas Stoltzfus, BAMCO Fellow Carolina Fojo, and a very friendly, nuzzling cow!

To learn more about JuJo Acres Grassfed Organic beef, visit their website.

Thank you Jonas for the tour!