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For Native American Heritage Month, Bon Appétit is partnering with Golden Eagle Farm, owned and operated by the Mesa Grande Band of Mission Indians. Golden Eagle is an ambitious endeavor balancing traditional Indigenous farming methods and new revenue generators such as agri-tourism.

Each September, Bon Appétit teams across the country gear up for Eat Local Challenge, a celebration of local ingredients, and the farmers and artisans who produce them. Since 2005, when Eat Local Challenge first occurred, the event has perhaps been the foremost way Bon Appetit brings attention to local food systems: by sourcing and serving 100% local meals to the delight of our guests across the country. 

When Bon Appétit Fellow Elise Dudley and over a dozen Vassar College students caravanned out to Amenia, NY earlier this year, they expected to learn firsthand about the dairy industry and meet a storied local Farm to Fork partner. They got even more, including a lesson in emerging cooperative models that protect small dairy farms.  

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This Black History Month, as we celebrate and amplify the voices of Black people in the United States, we also want to call attention to critically important programs like the CASFS apprenticeship, which do so much to offer onramps to farming, cultural foodways, and land justice for BIPOC folks.  

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Gordon College Line Cook David Mather grew his passion project into Simply Green, an indoor farm offering fresh microgreens to local customers, including his Bon Appétit team.