It’s Stop Food Waste Day Today … and Every Day at Bon Appétit! 

Stop Food Waste Day logo and a dish

University of Portland General Manager Kirk Mustain’s Chickpea Panisse with Wilted Beet Greens, Aquafaba, and Roasted Garlic

  • Here at Bon Appétit, we hate food waste with a passion. Food waste is one of the biggest contributors to climate change. Wasting food means you’re also wasting all the energy it took to grow, harvest, transport, and cook it. In addition, food decomposing in landfills releases methane, the greenhouse gas that is 20 to 25 times more powerful than carbon dioxide. It also pains us to see perfectly good food end up in the compost bin when it could be used to feed people in need.We’ve been fighting food waste for years and our chefs have gotten pretty adept at creatively using everything in their kitchens. In honor of Stop Food Waste Day today (April 28), Compass Group asked chefs around the world to submit creative food-waste-fighting recipes for the Stop Food Waste Day Recipe Contest. Our Bon Appétit chefs stole the show with four winning recipes:

    In addition, at Bon Appétit we decided to run our own internal recipe challenge and selected our top three winning recipes that best embody food-waste-fighting techniques in delicious-sounding dishes:

    Our creative chefs have proven it’s possible to make something totally delicious out of what would otherwise be wasted! We hope these dishes and recipes inspire you to fight waste in your own kitchen as well. And if you have kids at home, Healthy Kids in the Bon Appétit Kitchen put together this fun food-waste-fighting activity you can do with young children (or by yourself, we won’t tell):