Celebrating Earth Day with Bon Appétit

What if you could make a difference in the world just by eating lunch? If you’re one of the many thousands of guests eating at a Bon Appétit Management Company café, you already are! And today, on Earth Day (or another day this week), our guests will find out how.

In years past, Bon Appétit has hosted a companywide Low Carbon Diet Day to spread the word about how the food system contributes to climate change. This year, we’re broadening the scope for a more general Earth Day celebration.

Malisia Wilkins, marketing coordinator and supervisor, at the University of Redlands' Earth Day table in the café

Malisia Wilkins, marketing coordinator and supervisor, at the University of Redlands’ Earth Day table

At Earth Day tables and at the stations throughout our cafés in 33 states, Bon Appétiters will explain how food waste contributes to climate change (and what we’re doing about it), why our bacon is special, and more. They’ll offer tastings of items such as a “kitchen-sink” frittata that shows how to put leftover vegetables to good use; a “chef’s special” made with locally sourced, seasonal ingredients; a Hampton Creek Just Cookie made with plant-based proteins instead of eggs; or other dishes that illustrate our planet-friendly commitments and partnerships. Along with free samples, they’ll offer explanations of what exactly makes each an eco-conscious dish. Those with social-media presences will be spreading the word about humane animal treatment, sustainable seafood, local food, and more.

Dive deeper into the Bon Appétit commitments pictured in our Earth Day poster:

Bon Appétit Earth Day poster

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