Going Gluten Free is Easy at Biola University

By Heidi Balis, Director of Operations

Going gluten-free is growing in popularity, with many people abstaining for a variety of health and personal reasons, or because they have Celiac disease, a severe intolerance to gluten that can cause serious illness. As awareness grows, more colleges, like Biola Universityin La Mirada, CA, are offering gluten-free menu options in the dining hall.

Dedicated to serving the needs of this group, Bon Appétit at Biola has created a comprehensive new system for assuring the safety of all foods served in the café. Celiacs in particular must be careful of hidden forms of gluten in condiments and processed foods, as well as cross-contamination between products, as even small amounts of gluten can be dangerous for them.

That’s why Bon Appétit at Biola has taken extra steps to offer gluten-free students a variety of safe foods to choose from. New Made Without Gluten stations prominently display a COR icon to indicate to students and staff that the items are safe. There are also icons for regular items that are available in a MWG version upon request. Cooks are trained to prepare the items using dedicated equipment to ensure no cross contamination occurs. The gluten-free pantry is stocked with condiments, cereals, and even snacks for gluten-free students. It’s important to the Bon Appétit team that every guest at Biola feels like part of the community, despite any dietary restrictions they may have.