New Video from ‘Food, Inc.’ Director Explains Why ‘Labels Matter’

What’s in our food? Most Americans think we have a right to know — and that means not just calories, salt, fat, and preservatives, but genetically engineered ingredients such as corn and soy. The Bon Appétit Management Company has joined forces with more than 450 consumer, healthcare, environmental and farming organizations, manufacturers, retailers for the Just Label It campaign, which calls on the U.S. Food & Drug Administration to label GE foods.  More than 500,000 consumers have registered their comments with the FDA.

Last week Just Label It released a new video, by Food, Inc. filmmaker Robert Kenner (who’s since launched FixFood, a social media platform to empower Americans to create a more sustainable, democratic food system). Called “Labels Matter,” the video was created  to push consumers to make that comment number hit 1 million before mid-April, when comments close. We hope you’ll watch it — and then add your voice: