Citrix – Raleigh Doesn’t Let a Flat Tire Deflate Italian Beef Dreams

When the Citrix team hosted a recent Chicago-Style Italian Beef Sandwich Pop-Up, Customer Care Representative Christina Ritter missed it. The reason? A flat tire prevented her from reaching the café before closing. No provolone and mozzarella cheeses, no house-made giardiniera and sweet peppers, no saucy au jus on her favorite Chicago sandwich. Christina was devastated.

Catering Attendant Treisha Hall presents Customer Care Representative Christina Ritter with her Chicago-Style Italian Beef sandwich

When she told Catering Attendant Treisha Hall that she was from Chicago and hadn’t had one of these sandwiches in 11 years, Treisha took it upon herself to go back and ask Executive Chef Toby Pace if there was anything the team could do for Christina. Toby was willing to accommodate, but only after a bit of fun. Turns out Toby is a wanna-be Chicagoan, has visited the Windy City many times, and is a diehard Cubs fan.

He walked out from the kitchen and quizzed Christina about her baseball allegiance: Was she a Cubs fan or a White Sox fan? Christina admitted that when she was growing up on the South Side, her dad took her to Comiskey Park — but she preferred games at Wrigley Field. Having received a satisfactory answer, Toby promised to make a fresh, hot Italian beef the next day just for her.

The next day Christina arrived promptly at the café. Treisha was waiting for her with a box marked “Go Cubs Go!” Inside sat a piping hot Italian beef with a classic side of fries. Now THAT’s going beyond the call of duty! Catering Director Bill Allen took a picture and texted it to Christina; she promptly sent it to her folks back in Chicago. She followed up with a kind note thanking Toby and Treisha for making her the happiest girl in Raleigh.

Submitted by Bill Allen, Catering Director