Bon Appétit Teams Across the Country Celebrate Safety Milestones

The Bon Appétit at Medtronic Mounds View team recently celebrated 2,500 days safe.

While an accident-prone workplace environment can arise from a variety of causes, Bon Appétit teams have proven that cultures of safety often possess similar traits from account to account. 

Recently, Bon Appétit teams in Washington State, Alabama, and Minnesota all celebrated impressive safety milestones. In each case, the thousands of accident-free days are due to critically important practices and norms, like the daily reinforcement of safety principles, caring about the well-being of team members, and the constant support of corporate and regional safety experts. Read on to learn more about the winning safety formulas exemplified by three Bon Appétit accounts! 

Bon Appétit at Medtronic

The Bon Appétit at Medtronic Mounds View team recently held a celebration to recognize an astonishing safety achievement – 2,500 days, or nearly seven years without an accident. What makes this milestone even more impressive is that the Mounds View Café serves as a commissary kitchen for Medtronic, supplying numerous other satellite locations in the area.  

Resident District Manager Matthew O’Reilly, Assistant General Manager Tracy Haraldson, and Executive Chef Royal Dahlstrom gathered employees together for cupcakes, and to reflect on this amazing achievement. The elements of the team’s success include daily safety meetings, weekly cross training on equipment (from the dish machine to the coffee brewer) and participating in regional and corporate safety calls. 

“Royal and I stand up and talk about safety every day,” says Matthew, “but it’s our team that brought us across this finish line.” 

Members of the Bon Appétit at Cornish culinary team pose in their café.

Bon Appétit at Cornish College of the Arts

Nestled in the heart of Seattle, Cornish College is served by a dedicated Bon Appétit team, which recently celebrated a remarkable 1,900 days — just over five years — accident free.

The team, under the leadership of General Manager Kerri Mahoney and Executive Chef Kenneth Oglesby, has created a safety culture that is reinforced day in and day out during “10@10” daily check-ins, team meetings, and more informally while on the job. But more than just daily reinforcement, the team also relies on two key ingredients that make up the recipe for their success.  

The first is that the team is extremely tight knit, with many employees having worked at Cornish for over a decade. This familiarity has bred an environment in which associates embrace practices that keep each other safe, while ensuring that their daily tasks are accomplished quickly and effectively. The second ingredient? For Kerri, regional and corporate support are of paramount importance: “Our Regional Safety Champion, Executive Chef Aaron Senter, as well as Director of Integrated Safety Mark Daniels are a huge help!” Cornish’s close on-site team, matched with overarching support, have unlocked a winning combination. 

Bon Appétit at Birmingham Southern College 

The Bon Appétit team at Birmingham Southern College (BSC) recently celebrated an impressive 1670 days (or over four and a half years) without any accidents or injuries.  

General Manager Jason Hall has worked to cultivate a safety culture amongst the BSC team by weaving safety into every aspect of employees’ work day experiences. This includes 10@10 meetings prior to lunch and dinner service, in which team members discuss what they did that day to identify and eliminate potential safety hazards, both back- and front-of-house. 

At least once a week, during the team’s “safety Q+A” discussion, Jason rewards team members who answer questions correctly with a wide variety of prizes, including cookbooks and Bon Appétit swag. By keeping safety fun, the BSC team has success in making “Safe In, Safe Out” an integral part of their culture. 

Congratulations to the Bon Appétit teams at Medtronic, Cornish College of the Arts, and Birmingham Southern College for their commitment to safety and to caring for each other in the workplace. 

The Bon Appétit at Birmingham Southern College team gathered together to celebrate their safety milestone.