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Since 2007, Google has had its own gardens. In these gardens, employees, the Googlers, can grow flowers, plants, and herbs. Bon Appétit chefs at Google run out daily to grab fresh garnishes right out the garden, and adventurous beekeepers harvest 600 pounds of honey each year.

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Four Bon Appétit-run college dining services win the short list of’s Best College Dining Halls list.

  • News Ensia

How one food-service company is trying to transform America’s food system, one purchase at a time.

  • News The Daily Meal

Sustainability-focused The Docket will open this fall at the Saint Louis University School of Law, offering three mealtimes, wood-fired pizzas and flatbreads, and a full bar to the school and the public.

  • News St. Louis Post-Dispatch

The Docket will focus on small plates, pizzas, pastas, and rustic entrées featuring locally sourced, seasonal ingredients and skilled from-scratch cooking. A wood-burning oven and grill will be the heart of the space, and a full bar will round out the camaraderie-focused design.

  • News Saint Louis Business Journal

Café and bistro operated by Bon Appétit Management Company will offer pizzas, flatbreads, and earthenware casseroles, along with fresh-squeezed juices and signature drinks made with local spirits and craft brews.

  • News The New York Times

An alliance of retailers, fruit growers, and farmworkers has begun a program to promote healthy produce and improve working conditions.

  • News Wall Street Journal

With the new location and expansion of San Francisco’s beloved Exploratorium comes new Seaglass museum restaurant, helmed by Loretta Keller.