Blog: Low Carbon Diet

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Following a test run at Public House, we’ve rolled out the Impossible Burger at a corporate café in South San Francisco with another on the way — officially becoming the first food service company in the country to offer this much-buzzed-about bleeding, plant-based burger!

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As a Bon Appétit Fellow, Claire Kelloway regularly finds herself in uncharted territory, meeting new people and seeing new places. Over two days, she met a wide swath of Otterbein University’s kind campus community.

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What if you could make a difference in the world just by eating lunch? If you’re one of the many thousands of guests eating at a Bon Appétit Management Company café, you already are!

Containing a blend of aromatic spices, these baked croquettes are a delicious, nutritious, and low carbon replacement to meat or cheese-based varieties. Serves 4.

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While fruits and vegetables are almost all nutritious for our bodies, they are not all equally beneficial for maintaining and improving the health of the environment. Here are some suggestions for what to do about foods that are nutritious, but also have a high carbon footprint making them less healthy for the earth.

D’anjou Pear Streusel. Tender bites of pear and juicy pieces of blackberry are irresistible with a streusel topping. Try local varieties of pear, if available, for a fresher, more robust flavor.

Cajun Tofu Burger. Spice up your meat-free barbecue options and impress your vegetarian friends. Makes 6 to 8 burgers.