Links We Love: Soothing, Cheerful, & Just Plain Inspiring Food Content

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Welcome to Links We Love. We’re rounding up some of our favorite food and drink content from across the web into this running list. In sharing what inspires us in this challenging time, we hope to inspire you, too.

June 5: Healthy Kids Edition

May 29, Andrea Nguyen edition:

When I need a laugh, I check in with Weird Al Yankovic’s Youtube channel, which never fails to make me giggle. I was a nerd (and still am), and he gloriously celebrates that with his music. My favorites include Eat It and Like a Surgeon. And if you don’t know who he is, or after watching a few videos want to get to know him better, this New York Times profile is a gem.

Or stream these food films that have inspired me:

  • Tampopo: I’ve watched this maybe six times, starting from when all the ramen I knew about was Top Ramen. Then I went looking for the real deal.
  • Babette’s Feast: I’ve watched this maybe four times. Utterly charming and beautiful filmmaking.
  • Eat Drink, Man Woman: Chinese food wrapped up in all its cultural nuances! Laugh, cry, and learn.
  • Tortilla Soup: People compare this movie to Eat Drink, Man Woman but it has its own Latin flavor, with Los Angeles as the backdrop; I love L.A.  
  • Jiro Dreams of Sushi: Is there anything more inspiring than this man’s singular devotion?

May 22, Humane Society edition:

May 15, 2020 | Food Waste edition

PSA for all bakers! The discard from your sourdough starter is actually an incredible ingredient that can be used to make some delicious recipes (and we’re not just talking about pancakes)! Check out these bakers who are pushing the envelope with their “discard baking”:

  • Anne Marie of Zerowaste Chef has recipes for pretzels and vegan chocolate cake (bonus: she also has a tutorial on how you can maintain your sourdough starter without using any plastic wrap)
  • Tara Jensen of Bakerhands has a scrumptious cookie recipe
  • And Erin Jeanne McDowell from New York Times even has a homemade pasta recipe!

May 8, 2020 | Seafood Watch edition

We work at an aquarium and admittedly wear our love for the ocean and seafood on our sleeves. With that out of the way, here are our favorite virtual escapes for the homebound:

April 24, 2020 | Ramadan edition

April 16, 2020

  • With packaged yeast in short supply, many home bakers are making sourdough starter for the first time. Here’s a handy guide for how to use that starter in place of dry yeast in common recipes.
  • Cake Wrecks: quarantine version
  • Watch Fanny Singer and her mother Alice (Waters!) make a beautifully simple pasta with anchovies, garlic, and olive oil in their home kitchen.
  • We “Can” Re-Think That — in honor of Earth Week, harness your time at home by reducing your waste.

April 3, 2020

March 27, 2020