Watch: Emory Student Interviews Dining Staff in “Beauty in Things Unseen” Video

One of the first things I noticed after coming to Emory University was the unwavering dedication of the Bon Appétit dining staff. They work so diligently to keep us full and happy, staying late at night, furiously keeping up with the never-ceasing flow of dirty dishes, cleaning up our messes, making us sandwiches…the list goes on.

TEDxEmory‘s main event this year revolves around the idea of “Beauty in Things Unseen.” This theme is very important to me: in many ways, it reflects the way I live my life and the impact I hope to have on the world. This video is my and our (if I may speak for the Emory community as a whole) way of showing gratitude to the Bon Appétit dining staff. There is nothing more heartwarming than seeing them laughing with one another, sharing stories with students, and building relationships. They truly do add to the beauty of our community, and I don’t think Emory would be the same without them.

Submitted by Emory student Bria Goeller ’19