Bon Appétit Makes Top 10 List from Her Campus

When it comes to food, students know what they like – and what they don’t. Long gone are the times where students would eat mystery meat, things covered in gravy, and canned vegetables. Thanks to Bon Appétit, they don’t have to.

Recently, Her Campus, the biggest online community for college women, recognized Bon Appétit’s creativity in college kitchens in its list of “Top Ten Five Star Dining Schools.” On the list is University of Portland (#9), Washington University in St. Louis (#8), and Claremont McKenna College (#6).

About University of Portland, the article notes how  “bread, soups, salad dressings, and stocks for sauces are made from scratch every day”  in contrast to the stereotypical “large quantities of frozen meals out of boxes and cans reheated and served in bulk.” Wash U was praised for its variety, including “Salmon with truffle sauce, sushi, sirloin steak, crepes” and its innovative “build a meal” online system, where you can order online and pick it up when you need it.  Claremont McKenna too was lauded for great food, and how the team is constantly striving to provide students with the best.

Congratulations to all our teams!