Bigger Is Not Better….So what’s new?

A series of new studies reported in the  tells us that the bigger the produce the less the flavor and nutrient value.

"Big" produce, grown for its yield, size and color is the hallmark of "Big" ag and the reason we can feed more people for less money. But, the fact that these foods are also less than flavorful or nutrient dense should not be surprise to anyone? Good folks tied to their food system and where it comes from have been telling us this for 50 years or more.  But it’s news when the scientist say it?  Whatever.

Our chefs have also been saying the same thing. That’s because they know where their food comes from. They know about the exciting diversity of flavors grown by small farmers. When Micah gets tomatoes from Charlie at Flamingo Ridge Farms in Portland or Brett gets his oranges from the Inland Orange Conservancy in So. CA  they don’t need a scientist to tell them the flavor is 1000x better! Exagerated? Not by much…..We are talking Big flavor  here that come in small packages. And by instinct, not by scientific formula, our chefs also know this produce is chock-full of important nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Thank you science, but this is not new to us.

Want to know more about where your food comes from? Check out our Circle of Responsibility web site for info about the Big flavors we get from our Farm to Fork and where you can shop for your flavors at home. 

submitted: marc zammit: director culinary support & development

Full of flavor tomatoes from Flamingo Ridge Farms.F2f_charlies_tomatoes