Not Your Average Joes

The connection between our food and where it comes is at best loose and flimsy for many people that live the Western World. This is as true for chefs as it is for the average Joe.  But not this Joe…Joe McGarry.

Joe M is one of our senior chefs in the Northwest Region. Low key in attitude but highly passionate about his food; where it comes from and how it is prepared so that it is respected for its natural flavors.  Recently he encouraged several of his peers to leave their whites in the kitchen and put on their fishing gear for a hands on experience in salmon reefnetting on Lummi Island…all part of the Chefs in Raingear  program that brings culinarians and fishermen together. I am attaching an album of photos from that experience that are a must see, if for any reason but to demonstrate that we are not just and average company with an average philosophy on food .

The trip to Lummi Island ends with a collaborative dinner preparation at the Willows Inn, featuring their salmon catch of Pink Salmon and of course, the best the inn’s farm fields had to offer.

So Joe M is not an average Joe. But neither are the many chefs in our culture. Yes, they  will go out of their way want to know where their food comes. And at the end of the day they also to out of their way to  make it taste wonderfully good.

Submitted marc zammit:director culinary support & development

Not Your Average Joes Photo Album