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Food Safety Manager


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At Bon Appetit Management Company we are committed to two things, great food and outstanding service! At Bon Appetit you won't find our managers referring to a corporate recipe book or our chefs microwaving the lunch special. We do not have standardized recipes or central commissaries, instead, our chefs and managers are expected to stay abreast of current culinary trends and bring cutting edge food into their cafes. We are a restaurant company that operates in contract food service. That means you will have the freedom to be creative, take risks, and truly shine. We are committed to our staff growing, trying new things, and learning all that they can. Our rapid growth and breadth of accounts translates into exciting opportunities for our people!

The ​Food ​Safety ​Manager ​is ​responsible ​for ​developing ​and ​overseeing ​all ​of ​the ​food ​safety
regulations, ​policies, ​and ​procedures ​for ​Bon ​Appétit ​Cafés. ​The ​Food ​Safety ​Manager ​will ​help ​to
develop, ​implement ​and ​enforce ​security ​and ​food ​safety ​standards, ​policies, ​and ​programs
including ​HACCP, ​SQF, ​and ​GFSI, ​regulatory ​audits, ​food ​safety ​training ​programs, ​standard
operating ​procedures ​(SOP’s), ​product ​inspections, ​and ​standardized ​work ​instructions. ​In ​addition
to ​this, ​this ​individual ​will ​be ​responsible ​for ​effectively ​lead ​the ​implementation ​and ​execution ​of
the ​company’s ​safety ​strategy ​placing ​a ​strong ​emphasis ​on ​continuous ​improvement ​and
preventive ​measures.

● Develop ​and ​provide ​training ​for ​food ​safety ​and ​quality ​requirements.
● Develop and maintain documentation such as SOP’s, as well as maintenance of manuals,
policies ​and ​procedures ​as ​relate ​to ​any ​food ​safety ​concerns.
● Update existing food safety procedures and documentation to keep up with changing
● Work closely with General Managers, Café Managers, Chefs, and employees to ensure
conformance ​to ​company ​standards.

● Verify critical control point procedures and parameters for completion as parameters for
completion ​as ​per ​established ​food ​safety ​program.
● Conduct facility safety audits as well as manage third party audits. Review all results in a
timely manner and based upon the findings, provide immediate feedback and support to the
● Assist ​employees ​with ​training ​and ​educating ​potential ​supplier ​to ​ensure ​compliance.
● Work ​closely ​with ​Operations ​Managers ​on ​any ​food ​safety ​or ​quality ​assurance ​issues.
● Oversee proper maintenance and sanitation of all facility to comply with food safety
● Ensure that all company food safety and quality assurance procedures are followed and
documented ​correctly ​at ​all ​times.
● Document, ​investigate ​quality ​concerns, ​resolve ​and ​follow ​up ​corrective ​measures.
● Provide guidance and direction to Management team on Safety programs established by
Home ​Office.
● Work closely with Management team to ensure initiatives are properly aligned and executed
throughout ​Campus ​to ​meet ​safety ​performance ​goals.
● Compile, analyze and interpret accident and lost statistical data; make recommendations on
actions ​that ​will ​drive ​toward ​zero ​injuries.
● Assist with root cause analysis for accidents and incidents. Assist in development and
implementation ​of ​corrective ​actions.
● Ensure ​that ​corrective ​actions ​are ​thoroughly ​implemented ​and ​sustained.
● Continuously engage employees to ensure needs and compliance are met, enforce safe
behavior ​and ​a ​positive ​safe ​culture.
● Identify safety training needs, design, develop, and implement training programs as needed
to ensure continuous improvement of employee health and safety behavior and

Minimum ​Qualifications
● Excellence ​in ​time ​management ​and ​organizational ​skills ​with ​a ​high ​degree ​of ​initiative.
● Attention to detail and accuracy, sense of urgency and flexibility, requires limited
● Working knowledge of quality practices and procedures and the ability to coordinate a
HACCP ​Program ​and ​provide ​improvements.
● Knowledge ​of ​OSHA ​and ​DOT ​regulations.
● Strong ​computer ​skills, ​including ​Microsoft ​Office ​and ​Google ​Docs.
● Ability ​to ​communicate ​effectively ​at ​all ​levels ​of ​the ​organization.
● Food ​industry ​experience
● Perform ​quality ​work ​within ​deadlines ​with ​or ​without ​direct ​supervision.
● Interact ​professionally ​with ​other ​employees, ​customers ​and ​suppliers.

● Work ​effectively ​as ​a ​team ​contributor ​on ​all ​assignments.
● Work independently while understanding the necessity for communicating and coordinating
work ​efforts ​with ​other ​employees ​and ​organizations.
● Ability ​to ​effectively ​communicate, ​motivate ​and ​interact ​with ​all ​levels ​within ​the
● Strong ​passion ​for ​great ​food ​and ​hospitality
● Ability ​to ​speak ​and ​present ​effectively ​in ​a ​group ​setting ​to ​Associates, ​Managers ​and ​Client
and ​represent ​the ​Google ​Food ​Brand
● Working ​knowledge ​of ​Google ​Applications
● Ability ​to ​work ​independently ​as ​well ​as ​in ​a ​team
● Ability ​to ​work ​in ​a ​fast ​paced, ​changing ​environment
● Degree in Food Science or related discipline
● ServSafe Certification

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Location: California-Mountain View
Activation Date: Wednesday, November 29, 2017
Expiration Date: Friday, November 30, 2018
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Areas of Interest:Foodservice - Business/Corporate Dining