Food Standards Dashboard

Bringing greater transparency and accountability to our companywide commitments

The first generation of our Food Standards Dashboard was a groundbreaking companywide reporting and tracking tool that brought our wellness, culinary, and sustainability commitments together in one, easy-to-access (and easier to manage), visually driven place. A new version of the Dashboard was launched in 2022, read about it here.

About version 1.0: Custom-built by an in-house team of developers, the 2015 version of the dashboard software collected data from many sources and made it accessible and transparent at a glance to our chefs and managers. Features included showing each unit where they stand on Bon Appétit’s many sustainability and well-being commitments, such as their Farm to Fork purchasing expenditures (each chef is required to source at least 20% of her ingredients from small farms and ranches within 150 miles); whether they’ve accidentally ordered any seafood not rated Green or Yellow by Seafood Watch; their percentage of lean versus fatty protein choices, and their average number of vegetarian, vegan, and In Balance options per meal period.

Additional data was collected specifically to keep teams on track for Bon Appétit’s Low Carbon Lifestyle program’s focus areas, such as the average number of ounces of beef being served per guest at each meal, and of animal proteins in general. Each café manager was also required enter information about that location’s waste-related programs, including food recovery programs, Imperfectly Delicious Produce purchasing, and composting, to make sure we are meeting our goal of making landfills be our last resort and our specific companywide food recovery commitment.

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