Fair Trade Baking Chocolate

Fair Trade Baking Chocolate

Offering the first Fair Trade brand to be manufactured at origin

Starting Valentine’s Day 2011, as part of our companywide commitment to support farmers and workers both locally and globally, we introduced Cordillera Fair Trade Certified™ baking chocolate to the kitchens of our hundreds of university, corporate, and specialty cafés nationwide.

Cordillera Chocolate, made from a blend of Criollo and Trinitario cacao beans grown in Colombia, is an exceptional brand of chocolate used by renowned chefs worldwide in fine desserts and confections. Cordillera is unique in that it’s not only grown in Colombia, it’s also manufactured there, which leads to higher quality chocolate and better traceability from bean to finished product. The farmers receive a fair price for their beans, as well as fair trade premiums to use for schools, medical clinics, clean water systems, and skills training in their communities. Production workers are employed by Cordillera, a company committed to fair labor practices.


Update: Bon Appétit has ceased using Cordillera since it decided to discontinue Fair Trade certification. We’re actively looking for a national replacement but meanwhile do offer alternative options in select regions. 

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