Food Standards Dashboard 2.0

Food Standards Dashboard 2.0

A next-generation sustainability and wellness data superpower

The second generation of our proprietary Food Standards Dashboard launched in 2022. We expanded the capabilities of the industry’s most sophisticated sustainability and wellness reporting tool to incorporate more than a dozen new indicators and expanded data capture capability in a highly visual, easy-to-navigate format. The Food Standards Dashboard is available to all Bon Appétit accounts at no additional cost, giving chefs and general managers actionable data that helps them make their operations and menus more sustainable and healthier for guests. Sound like a bold claim? The Dashboard has the data to back it up! Dedicated tabs for purchasing, climate change, plant-forward menuing, and wellness each pull information from purchasing, finance, and menu management systems, to synthesize a complex set of data and compare it against a long list of business rules in order to calculate compliance. Curious about the greenhouse gas emissions related to purchases? Check the climate change tab. Want to see the breakdown of animal versus plant protein purchases? The plant-forward tab has the answer! The tool offers a wide variety of new features including:

  • Color-coded indicators, downloadable graphs, trend lines, and charts that offer at-a-glance action items for chefs and managers.
  • Rollup/rolldown functionality so data can be monitored at the café or campus level (for large operations with multiple cafés).
  • Robust reporting on local purchasing and compliance with a wide variety of sustainability criteria at the product level.
  • World Resources Institute-compatible data tracking offers a snapshot of where greenhouse gas emissions are most impactful in an operation.
  • Animal and plant products are tracked and measured by both weight and spend, showing a café’s adherence to Bon Appétit’s plant-forward initiative.
  • “The Wellness Plate” offers an easy-to-understand visualization of how the average plate in a café aligns with the guidelines of the EAT Lancet Commission’s diet for planetary and human health.

Read the press release to see a complete list of features and capabilities.


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