Nathan Carraway

Nathan Carraway

Director of Events

For many the Bon Appétit journey starts simply by answering an online job listing. For Nathan Carraway, it started by responding to a Craigslist ad for an open catering bartender position in 2005. And it was only up from there!

Within his first year, Nathan was promoted to beverage manager, and shortly thereafter grew to front-of-house manager for special events. In 2008, he took on the role of catering supervisor managing events at San Francisco’s Oracle Park (then-AT&T Park). Naturally, Nathan’s swift rise turned heads and sparked conversation.

He caught the attention of District Manager Alison Harper, who offered him a position running all private events for Public House in San Francisco. His role quickly expanded with the opening of STEM Kitchen & Garden and Foundry & Lux. And under his districtwide management, each opening saw an impressive series of in-house events that each displayed the restaurant’s distinct features and design.

Now Director of Events for four of Bon Appétit Management Company’s Northern California public restaurants, Nathan oversees upwards of 750 events each year! A master of hospitality, he touches every aspect of the restaurant space, from cleaning to rearranging tables and checking in with guests to ensure they’re having a positive experience.

“Nathan’s so much more than an events director,” says Alison. “His enthusiasm for going above and beyond is what makes him so successful. He truly exemplifies the soul of Bon Appétit.”

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