Lynna McNany

Lynna McNany

Director of Operations

For Lynna McNany, everything is a puzzle to be solved. This can-do mentality is among the reasons she’s been promoted multiple times in her 15 years with Bon Appétit Management Company at Grove City College.

“The empathy and care Bon Appétit has for employees is really incredible,” Lynna says. “And I have never found another company like that.”

What brought Lynna to Bon Appétit? Three small children, and a lack of work-life balance. “Bon Appétit managers understand we have families, we have kids, sick mothers.” First Bon Appétit job? Ground level, as a server — but she didn’t stop there. About two months in, she stepped in to take on front-of-house supervisor. Stints as office manager and front-of-house café manager followed, then General Manager JonErik Germadnik  promoted her to operations manager. “Part of the reason I was able to grow and be promoted was because of JonErik’s mentoring and training,” Lynna explains.

Lynna enjoys learning about “the different aspects of our sustainability program, training in celiac disease and made-without-gluten-containing ingredients, Farmworker Awareness Week. I know this might sound corny, but I just like my job — the business and operations side, driving results with financials, how can we make labor better, and learning about new things. I just like all aspects of it!”

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