Christopher Smith

Christopher Smith

Executive Chef

From international dance group member to executive chef, Chris Smith has always had a passion for the arts.

In some ways, Chris’s culinary career started with his first school talent show, where he performed The Electric Boogaloo. Long story short, Chris’s career as a traveling dancer gave him the opportunity to try a diverse variety of cuisines around the world. After wrapping up his dance career, Chris received some formal training through the American Culinary Federation and at the Culinary Institute of America, but considers his hands-on restaurant experience priceless. He now thrives in the world of campus dining, where as a campus executive chef with Bon Appétit Management Company at the University of Pennsylvania, he serves a wide range of people and creates all types of cuisines.

The one food he can’t live without? Salmon. The program he looks forward to? Bon Appétit’s Imperfectly Delicious Produce program. “My chefs love finding creative ways to incorporate the produce in their menus across campus.” What makes being a chef more than just a job? Infusing good food with good flavor.

“Working with my staff to create delicious, from-scratch menu items allows me to explore new and exciting ways to share my passion for food,” summarizes Chris.

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