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This year, we’re unpacking the history of Juneteenth and sharing how Bon Appétit teams across the country are commemorating the holiday. Taking inspiration from the wisdom of our previous Juneteenth partner CheFarmer Matthew Raiford, we are using this day as an opportunity to reflect on the sacrifices made — and that continue to be made — in the struggle to dismantle the structures of racism and white supremacy. As Raiford astutely puts it, “freedom ain’t free”. 

The past two years as Bon Appétit’s West Coast Fellow have been filled with meaningful connections, growth, and invaluable knowledge about our current food system. Visiting accounts just under 40 times in four semesters, I’ve had the opportunity to learn from a diverse range of people to explore the most pressing issues of the food industry.  

Bon Appétit’s operators and chefs, as well as our growers, processors, students, and professors with whom we work have given me insight into a range of perspectives and solutions to a sustainable food future. Here are some insights I’ve gained in my time as a Fellow…

This LGBTQ+ Pride Month, we at Bon Appétit Management Company are thrilled to be partnering with Timothy Pakron of Mississippi Vegan. Timothy is a food blogger, photographer, cookbook author, and avid gardener who celebrates his identity as a vegan and a proud gay man, born and raised in the American South.

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Seeking relief from South Florida’s soaring heat, outdoor workers in South Florida appealed to politicians in Miami-Dade and Tallahassee for help. They got none. Now, a coalition of farmworkers from South-Dade and Immokalee intend to take their campaign directly to the powerful fast food and grocery industries that buy the produce they harvest.