Laura Moua

Laura Moua


Laura Moua is the chef/manager at St. Timothy’s School in Stevenson, MD. She graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts program in 2008, worked at the renowned Domenico’s Foods in Los Angeles, and spent time as baker and owner of a local business selling gourmet pastries in farmers’ markets throughout Orange County.

Who is the most special or exciting person you’ve cooked for?

While working for Domenico’s Foods in Los Angeles in 2009, I had the chance to work with the personal chef for Rod Stewart. He and I prepared a beautiful simple Easter dinner for Rod Stewart and his family at his Beverly hills home. It was exciting to see him in the kitchen with his crisp white suit and tanned skin, being surrounded by family. The best part of the night was hearing his stunning voice and guitar playing after dinner was served.

What makes you most proud to work at Bon Appétit?

Working at Bon Appétit has taught me to be a better chef and leader. I love my team and appreciate the hard work and pride that they all dedicate to making the kitchen a success — not only for the client, but for the students that eat there daily. It brings joy to my heart when a student expresses their appreciation for the good food and services that we provide. As a chef/manager, I encourage respect, safety, and communication as keys to success. I am most proud when my team exudes those qualities.

How do you see chefs using their craft to make a positive impact?

Chefs are nurturers in their knowledge of food, nutrition, and cooking. Chefs of different backgrounds help bring diversity to the dinner table. A chef makes a positive impact by sharing his or her knowledge of where food comes from and the importance of sustainable practices. They can be leaders in their industry by inspiring change, growth, and education.

Outside of work, what are your other passions?

One of my greatest joy is being able to help others. If I can help a person with a task or make their lives easier, then I am happy to do it. I also enjoy being with my family and am always striving for new ways to improve and learn about cooking, other cultures, and exploring different types of foods.


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