Daniel Williams

Daniel Williams

Executive Chef

Daniel Williams, executive chef at Cruise, joined Bon Appétit in 2008 as a grill cook at SAP. His previous experience included stints at Beringer Blass Wine Estates in Saint Helena, CA, and Pearl Alley Bistro in Santa Cruz. He worked his way up through Bon Appétit’s ranks at several top Silicon Valley companies, most recently Adobe.

At Cruise, Daniel has been making sure the San Francisco autonomous vehicle technology startup’s on-site employees and test operators remain well-fed, with a robust, from-scratch grab-and-go program. (Cruise has been working round the clock to support COVID-19 relief efforts: its drivers have delivered more than 60,000 meals to households and community organizations served by SF-Marin Food Bank and SF New Deal.)

“Simplicity is best,” says Daniel. “While the culinary team is always working to create new ways to keep grab-and-go offerings exciting, we’ve noticed that the classic sandwiches and salads have been the biggest hits.”

Regional Vice President Lori Flashner lauds Daniel’s commitment to continuous improvement and his dedication to providing the best possible experience for our clients and guests, while “Daniel’s creativity and passion exemplifies our brand,” adds District Manager Bob Hart. “He continues to grow and develop his team to provide to our guests with Farm to Fork-driven menus.”

At home during the pandemic, Daniel’s been cooking a lot of chili-rubbed pork riblets and carne asada tacos for his family. Someday he hopes to once again eat sushi — dining in — at Amami San in San Francisco.

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