News: Humanely Raised

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  • News Mercury News

Allowing pigs to turn around. It may seem like a modest goal, but it’s taken decades of advocacy for this basic humane standard to become law in California. Yet now, some politicians are doing anything they can to undo this work—including overturning elections—to achieve their goals.

  • News NPR

Our chief strategy & brand officer, Maisie Ganzler, joined leaders from influential animal welfare organizations to tour Perdue Farms’ improved chicken houses, a change Perdue is making in response to pressure from big corporate buyers

  • News Civil Eats

Bon Appétit puts its resources toward paying farmers a premium for meat and eggs raised according to strong humane standards

  • News The Washington Post

America’s third-largest chicken producer is introducing changes that are a major step forward in animal welfare for the industry, possibly in response to consumer, retailer, and restaurant demands for more humanely raised and slaughtered poultry

  • News Modern Farmer

To meet the demand for cheap pork, large-scale producers argue they must cut corners on animal welfare. The major company that Bon Appétit works with begs to differ.

  • News The Wall Street Journal

The U.S. chicken industry has spent decades figuring out how to grow its birds fast. Bon Appétit joins Whole Foods in looking for producers who are willing to slow things down.