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  • News PRI The World

Bon Appétit Management Company’s low-carbon strategies are explored in this series piece exploring the challenge of keeping ourselves fed at a time of rapid social and environmental change.

  • News Dish

Panorama’s strong focus on local and seasonal ingredients pleases customers with such Midwest classics as wedge salads and family-style pasta dishes along with refined and lighter fare.

  • News Food Talk STL

The museum restaurant opened with such delicious dishes as skirt steak, pavé of quinoa and avocado, and chocolate cherry pot de crème. Pictures and a brief audio interview with Executive Chef Edward Farrow follow.

  • News The New York Times

Bon Appétit-run Provenance at the Cleveland Art Museum functions as a cog in the wheel of a burgeoning arts and cultural scene in the revived University Circle neighborhood.

  • News Kiwanis Magazine

International magazine highlights Bon Appétit Management Company’s waste reduction efforts such as onsite composting and trayless dining.

  • News Food Inspiration

Since 2007, Google has had its own gardens. In these gardens, employees, the Googlers, can grow flowers, plants, and herbs. Bon Appétit chefs at Google run out daily to grab fresh garnishes right out the garden, and adventurous beekeepers harvest 600 pounds of honey each year.

  • News

Four Bon Appétit-run college dining services win the short list of’s Best College Dining Halls list.

  • News Ensia

How one food-service company is trying to transform America’s food system, one purchase at a time.

  • News The Daily Meal

Sustainability-focused The Docket will open this fall at the Saint Louis University School of Law, offering three mealtimes, wood-fired pizzas and flatbreads, and a full bar to the school and the public.