Speeding Up Caffeine Delivery at Redlands

By Brett Martin, Resident District Manager

Happy Redlands students wait for their Zingle orders

Coffee is a morning necessity for some people. But for the busy student, waiting in line to get can throw off a packed schedule.To solve that problem, students at University of Redlands in Redlands, CA, can now order their favorite coffee drinks via text. Through a new, easy-to-use program called Zingle, customers of the Bulldog Café are ordering their iced coffees, half-caf cappuccinos, and double mochas straight from their phones.

The system sends students an immediate confirmation via text and the barista a printout of the order. When students get to the café, they jump right into the fast track Zingle line and pick up their drinks pronto! Zingle also accommodates a Favorites list of up to ten items per customer, so ordering can be as easy as texting “F1.”

The student body has been overjoyed with the new system, which lets them grab their coffees and get to class as fast as possible.