Yahoo for Yahoo!

"And for the category of Most Vegetarian- and Earth-Friendly Corporate Café, the winner is…Yahoo!"

While movie fans eagerly await the verdicts of the (possibly telecast) Oscars this year, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) gave a standing ovation to the winners of their 2008 Proggy Awards. For five years now, PETA has recognized companies, leaders, products and organizations demonstrating animal-friendly achievements in 21st century culture and commerce.

The Bon Appétit Management Company team at Yahoo! was highly praised for their great food and vegetarian-friendly options: "Yahoo’s various environmental efforts can be seen on Yahoo! Green, but the real measure of the company’s compassion can be tasted at its employee dining hall. The [café] serves more than 6,000 meals per day and features a variety of vegetarian options at each station, including an Asian bowl with Gardein or tofu, pasta and veggie marinara, Boca burgers, a vegan mezze plate, a salad bar, and more along with strategically placed posters pointing out the benefits of a vegetarian diet for the environment, resources, and health."

Visit Yahoo!’s blog, Yodel Anecdotal, to watch a video clip of Executive Chef Bob Hart (aka Chef Bob) expertly illustrating Bon Appétit’s various sustainability initiatives. Look closely and you may even catch a cameo of Yahoo!’s CEO Jerry Yang! 


Photo: Chef Bob proudly displays his team’s Proggy Award

Keep up the great work, Yahoo! team.

-Katherine Kwon, Communications Project Manager