Trine Gives Athletes A Performance Bowl Primer

Executive Sous Chef Jasan Kramer

Executive Sous Chef Jasan Kramer during his demonstration

Executive Chef Todd Downs has teamed up with Manager of Food Education for Children Hannah Schmunk to create a nutrition education program geared specifically for the athletic teams of Trine University in Angola, IN.

For the third installment, Executive Sous Chef Jasan Kramer created a performance bowl specifically geared to the nutritional needs of the women’s basketball team. Café Manager Jacilyn Smith joined him for the demo to explain to the student-athletes which healthy foods boost endurance — a necessity while performing at high levels of exertion. Jasan filled his performance bowl with complex carbohydrates such as red and yellow beets, cauliflower, and quinoa, designed to sustain energy levels needed for peak athletic performance on the court.

Café Manager Jacilyn Smith

Café Manager Jacilyn Smith addressing the Trine women’s basketball team

“Your performance as an athlete and your overall well-being relies on the food choices you make on an everyday basis, and the Bon Appétit team wants to support you in making healthy choices,” said Jacilyn, stressing the body’s need for complex carbohydrates, lean proteins, and healthy fats as Jasan demonstrated how to cook quinoa, cut sweet potatoes, and clean cauliflower. The pair also presented a variety of toppings, including goji berries and flaxseed, among others, to further enhance the performance bowls’ flavor, texture, and nutrient content.

Jasan even explained different cooking techniques so the student-athletes could re-create the performance bowls in their residence halls. Attendees applied their newfound knowledge right away, creating their own personalized bowls by customizing them with healthy complex carbohydrates, vegetables, protein, and beneficial fats.

Members of the Trine women’s basketball team stayed engaged throughout, asking questions and sampling new foods. The Bon Appétit team is already excitedly planning the next installment, for the university’s staff and faculty members.

Submitted by Jacilyn Smith, Café Manager