Talking Turkey, I Mean Fish

Last week was exceptionally busy outside the office. On Monday, I lectured in a joint undergraduate-MBA evening seminar for University of San Francisco’s sustainable business program on what an environmentally responsible seafood procurement policy would look like and the factors that go into the decision to develop one. I was challenged on a number of points by a young Oregonian whose family is in the pink shrimp farming business which made the hour-and-a-half especially interesting (for me, anyway).

On Wednesday I hosted a sustainable seafood cooking demonstration at eBay where executive chef Bob Clark prepared four meals in 15 minutes. Using Alaska Halibut and Mahi-Mahi in two recipes each, he made us all hungry as he talked through what he was doing at the stove. Fortunately, we got to taste the products of his labor immediately afterwards. It was a delicious way to develop familiarity with cooking alternatives to the unsustainable farmed salmon available in nearly every market.

– Helene S. York, Director, Bon Appetit Management Company Foundation