Sustainable Table Blogger Notes BAMCO Beef Policy

At Bon Appetit Management Company we are huge fans of the site Sustainable Table. It’s a great place to learn about food issues and find out how to get involved with the sustainability movement. So, we were thrilled to read a recent entry on their blog noting our announcement about natural beef.

As of March, 2007, all of the hamburgers we serve in our 400 cafes will be made from 100% "natural" beef. While there is no strong legal definition of "natural," our suppliers have committed to raising their cattle with:

  • No antibiotics (ever)
  • No added growth hormones (ever)
  • No animal byproducts in feed (ever)
  • Humane treatment

    For more details on our announcement, read the full press release.

    Thanks to the Sustainable Table team for the "shout out"!

    – Maisie Greenawalt, Director of Communications & Strategic Initiatives