Sustainable Food Challenges Comes to Gallaudet U

Event on Tues 2/8/11, 12:30-1:30pm. See details below.

By Carolina Fojo, East Coast Fellow, Bon Appétit Management Company Foundation

A new challenge is coming to Bon Appétit chefs across the country:  Create a delicious meal using only sustainable ingredients that are selected by the audience, and do it in just 30 minutes!


This challenge takes place as part of the broader Fellow’s College Tour in which the Bon Appétit Fellows travel to college campuses and meet with students, working to raise awareness about (un)sustainability in today’s food system.  During the challenge, we take time to talk about the different ingredients on the table. What’s significant about this salmon being wild-caught in Alaska? How does that differ from what you tend to find on restaurant menus and in grocery stores? What impacts, great and small, do our choices as individual consumers have on the environment, our health, animals, and even other people?

Last fall, the Sustainable Food Challenge made a stop at Otterbein University (OH) , and Chef Robert Morano responded to it by creating a colorful sweet potato- salmon dish, using a local sweet potato that was roughly the size of my forearm!  (Read: it was huge.) One of my favorite features of the event, though, was the string of twenty or so local chili peppers displayed on the “ingredients table.” The audience was split between “pro-spicy” and “non-spicy” eaters—but ultimately the non-spicy crew won out with a choice of a mild green chili pepper.

On Tuesday Feb 8th from 12:30-1:30pm, on the 1st floor of the Plaza Dining Hall, Chef Jay Keller of Gallaudet University will take on the Sustainable Food Challenge.  We expect to see a crowd of enthusiastic Gallaudet students at the event, and have a good discussion about how our food choices really do impact our world. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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For questions or further information, please email me at [email protected].

To see photos from Otterbein’s event, click here.