Taking Pride in the Humble Pretzel

By Cara Brechler, Marketing Manager

In the early fifth century, when some monks were busy inventing Shaolin Kung Fu, other German monks took a vow of deliciousness instead and created the pretzel. Last week, in honor of National Pretzel Day, the chefs de cuisine at one of our Silicon Valley campuses celebrated this humble concoction with freshly baked twists as well as crusts and breading using the dough, bringing the pretzel to new dimensions of tastiness.

NatlPretzelDay_chefkevinKevin Means at the Paradise Café offered a pretzel-encrusted pork loin, a bratwurst dog in a pretzel bun, and freshly made warm pretzels sprinkled with a Tuscan-infused salt (rosemary, chili pepper, lemon, and garlic). Over at Café 17, Octavio Barrera had a line all through service for his Pork Loin Schnitzel with creamy whole-grain mustard gravy. Jorien Schulze from Lakeview Café made fresh pretzels with two dipping sauces (poblano queso and mustard sauce), while Jeff McKee in Tasman Café offered pulled pork in a pretzel bun. And at Market Café, Humberto Guevara offered bratwurst in a house-made pretzel bun, served with freshly made potato chips.

All in all, it was a fantastic showcase of inventive ways to celebrate the pretzel!