Pew Launches Website to Share Info on Overuse of Antibiotics

Printadchickenfinal72dpioptimizedBon Appetit Management Company CEO Fedele Bauccio recently completed two years on the Pew Commission on Industrial Farm Animal Production. It was a moving experience that very much affected the way Fedele sees our food system. Each time he visited an animal production facility, he’d return to the office with a list of directives for us and questions to ask our suppliers. We haven’t been able to address all the issues he’s raised but we’re on an interesting and challenging road thanks to Fedele’s leadership.

One of Fedele’s strongest messages to the Commission was that they needed to get the information into the hands of the consumers. In an attempt to just that, the Pew Environmental Group has launched a website supporting the campaign to restrict antibiotic use in animal agriculture. There is a link to the Commissions website and to their final report. They’re also undertaking an ad campaign aimed at Congressional action.

With public support, questions from large-scale purchasers like Bon Appetit, and some assistance from Congress, I’m optimistic about the possibility of real change in the use of antibiotics. After all, our health depends on it.

– Maisie Greenawalt, Vice President