Oracle HQ Abuzz on Earth Day

Michael and Kathleen Stang of Lalier Garden and Stang’s Apiaries brought local honey samples and an active beehive

Populating all but the most extreme corners of the globe, bees play a crucial role in agriculture and represent an irreplaceable link in food production.

Director of Catering Chana Ritchey, Director of Operations Heather Lee, and Culinary Director Tim Hilt with house-made honey lemonade

In fact, according to research from Michigan State University, bees are responsible for one out of every three bites of food we eat. (They’re involved in pollinating everything from apples and berries to nuts and cucumbers.)

In honor of this year’s weeklong Oracle Green Fairs, the Bon Appétit team at Oracle in Redwood Shores, CA, brought awareness of the diminishing bee population by partnering with local beekeepers Lalier Garden and Stang Apiaries. Participants enjoyed sipping house-made honey lemonade and observing a live hive that showed off the unique habitat of these important pollinators. Guests could even take home wildflower seeds to create their own bee-friendly environment!

Submitted by Cara Brechler, Director of Marketing