Make mine healthier says Chicago!

Sometimes it’s hard to know how "real" your vision can become  in the reality of day to day operations.  This January we introduced a Healthy Cooking Initiative that further changes the way we produce food in our kitchens so that healthier options are a mainstream offering in our cafes. Today, our guests do not have to search for a healthier choices.  They will find more deep color greens at every station; more complex carbs; more whole grains; more low fat choices; more vegetarian choices…at every station.We have eliminated a majority of trans fats, in some units up to 100% and we are encouraging our guest to consume less processed sugars.

Is it working? Today I am in Chicago, the capital of the Midwest known for its love of less than healthy big portion steak and potatoes.  There we some hesitations on the part of our team in Chicago about making some of the changes recommended in our 26 Point Standard, like offering a vinaigrette based cole slaw as alternative to fries at the grill.  Few believed that it would sell  The reality is that they ran out the first day it was introduced and today the coleslaw competes well against French fries. Their most popular made to order sandwich at the deli is turkey on nine grain, competing against a good selection of Italian meats. And did I hear that the sweet potato panini at the Art Institute is selling more then the hamburger?

It’s been real Chicago!  Thanks for validating our vision that healthier eating can be mainstream.

submitted by: marc zammit:director culinary support and development