IAIA Kitchen Crew Learns Art of Cheesemaking

Lea Kooma Gulfan, lead cook at Santa Fe University of Art and Design (SFUAD); Melody Lambelet, general manager at SFUAD; Guido Lambelet, executive chef at the Institute of American Indian Arts; Josh Anglin, sous chef at Institute of American Indian Arts; Juana

Submitted By Guido Lambelet, Executive Chef

Old Windmill Dairy bills itself as the “little dairy on the prairie,” and little it is, with only a few cows and a small herd of Egyptian goats. These desert-adapted goats are known for the high fat content of their milk (great for tasty cheese) and their long ears (which help keep out the sand).

The kitchen crew at Institute of American Indian Arts, in Santa Fe, NM, led by Executive Chef Guido Lambelet, took a trip out to the farm to learn more about the great cheese they’ve been using in their kitchens — and to get a chance to make some of their own.

The team spent most of the day making raw cow’s milk cheddar and learning the art of stretching mozzarella. After the cheesemaking class, it was time to feed the 95 baby goats.

The IAIA crew is looking forward to featuring Old Windmill Dairy cheese at the Opera preview dinners this coming season.